Youth and Motion 7

At the moment of writing this, news of the ‘overwhelming’ affirmation of Motion 7 (a modified form of Motion 29 blessing same sex relationships) has just reached Anglicans across New Zealand.

After turning the events of the past 4 years over in my head, my heart breaks for those who will have to pay the steep price for this. Our children.

The concern for our children’s welfare is part of the parcel of good parenting isn’t it?  In fact, this concern is the moral gasoline behind the push for things like climate change awareness isn’t it? We need to protect the earth for our children and their children to come. They shouldn’t have to pay for our lack of self control and foresight. Convenience pales in importance to the well being of our kids.  This is a fact no one would debate.

If we care so much for our children’s health in this temporary life, how much more should we then be concerned for our children’s eternal health? The image of God they bear matters infinitely more than the dust from which we were made in God’s eyes.

In scripture we read:

“The wages of sin is death”, and “none are righteous, not even one”

and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 clearly warns us to abstain from sexual relations outside of biblical marriage.

Our children who stay in the Anglican church of New Zealand will grow up in a church that affirms the sin in their lives, and turns them away from the only one who can clothe them with righteousness: Jesus Christ.

Where is the love in that?